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Academic Summer

Academic Summer works with UK independent boarding schools and colleges in the South West of England, and London. In summer 2023, Academic Summer will be located at three fantastic schools:




DLD College



Queen's College



Sidcot School

The programme is suitable for you whether you are preparing for a school or college in the UK, for GCSEs, A Levels, IB Diploma or even university studies. Academic Summer will support your academic development, making you better prepared for your student careers and more attractive to the institutions recruiting you.


In addition to academic advancement, Academic Summer offers a variety of enriching extracurricular activities, including sports, charity, leadership training, group activities, cultural visits, and excursions etc. Effectively combines the academic curriculum with extracurricular activities to promote students' interaction in English, enhance social participation, improve leadership skill and teamwork.


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An academic, fun-packed course for young learners. Your child will learn in English and will enjoy lessons, sports and a Personal Best tutorial during the school day.

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Get Ready for Medicine

The Academic Summer medicine programme is an intensive two-week course, tailor-made for students who want to study medicine. Our interactive and innovative program is designed and led by UK medical students who can share and advise from their own personal experiences.

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This programme will enable you to explore the broad curriculum of IGCSE and cover a wide range of academic subjects, giving you a taste of what lies ahead in years 9 and 10 in the UK system.

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Prepare for A Levels or IB. Engage in in-depth learning and plan for the future. This programme offers four study blocks each week and is customized to your learning preference. You will choose your subjects depending on your academic needs and interests. ​

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For more details, please visit the official website of Academic Summer:

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