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​Badminton School

: 93.6%

​: 98.6%

: 61%

​: 83.6%


 (GCSE) A* - B  

(GCSE) A* - C

(AL) A* - A 

(AL) A* - B   

​Location:   Bristol 

Age Range of Boarders:   9 - 18 years

No. of Students:   450

No. of Boarders:   174  

Badminton School is an independent boarding and day school for girls aged 3 – 18. The School takes a holistic approach to education and has inspirational teaching, a friendly, vibrant atmosphere and a strong emphasis on pastoral care.


Badminton consistently achieves impressive academic results and is one of the top girls’ schools in the UK. Consistently high grades at A Level enables our girls to attend a wealth of top class Universities and Music Conservatoires across the world. Girls are encouraged to develop as individuals, to pursue their own interests and achieve their goals both in academic and extra-curricular activities, and not to be afraid of a challenge.


We aim to create a community which is supportive and encouraging for all, in an environment in which each girl is valued and well known by all staff. The small community and small class sizes mean that we are able to focus on the girls as individuals. Girls are taught that other people matter; their respect and support for each other goes right to the heart of the School’s ethos.

Academic Results

Bruton School for Girls

Academic Result

Founded in 1900, Bruton School for Girls is a day and boarding school set in 40 acres of beautiful countryside in Bruton, Somerset.  The school is two hours south west of London and close to the cities of Bath and Bristol.

We enjoy an excellent academic reputation – the top school in Somerset and Dorset at GCSE (based on the attainment 8 DfE measure) - and in the Top 4 schools in the UK at A level (in The Telegraph ranking of small independent schools).

Our smaller size means we know each and every girl and our focus on every pupil as an individual sets us apart.  Girls join a stimulating and exciting environment where we provide the space and support to enable every one of our girls to reach their potential. 

We are a warm, friendly and welcoming school where girls quickly feel at home. Boarding houses are located on site and staff ensure girls find the right balance between work and relaxation.  A full programme of activities is arranged every weekend for boarders to enjoy.  There are three exeat weekends per year and one boarding house is kept open for international boarders in Year 9 and above to stay in school at exeat if they wish.

​Location:    Bruton

Age Range of Boarders:   7 - 18 years

No. of Students:   200+

No. of Boarders:   50

 (GCSE) A* - B  

(GCSE) A* - C

(AL) A* - A 

(AL) A* - B   

: 86%

​: 97%

: 54%

​: 75%


Cheltenham Ladies' College

Academic Results

Cheltenham Ladies’ College has been at the forefront of girls’ education for over 160 years. Situated in the heart of Cheltenham, College is part of the local community as well as a guardian of world-class heritage and performance. 

Our breadth of academic choice (A-levels or the IBDP are available at Sixth Form) and co-curricular activities is unrivalled.  Alumnae study at top universities in both the UK, the US as well as across Asia and Europe. We recognize talent in the form of scholarships on entry in Academic, Music, Art and Sports.  The inspiring Princess Hall is home to music concerts ranging from solo performances, small ensembles, larger orchestras and choral works.

Drama productions, often pupil-directed, may be performed in our Parabola Arts Centre or the College gardens. Our Engineering, Enterprise and Technology Suite provides space to explore a design idea and then to build it.  With a state-of-the-art Health and Fitness Centre, physical activity is a key part of our Wellbeing programme.

College attracts girls who are able and ambitious.  We look for those who will thrive as part of a global community where the love of learning is celebrated and where a spirit of endeavour permeates all that occurs. 

​Location:    Cheltenham 

Age Range of Boarders:   11 - 18 years

No. of Students:   850

No. of Boarders:   670 

 (GCSE) A* - B  

(GCSE) A* - C

(AL) A* - A 

(AL) A* - B   

: 97.9%

​: 99.7%

: 55.6%

​: 83.9%


Cobham Hall

Academic Results

Cobham Hall is the only independent Round Square Boarding and Day School for girls in the United Kingdom. We have approximately 180 students, representing some 25 nationalities.


The School is based in an impressive 16th Century Manor House nestled in 150 acres of historic parkland; an idyllic rural setting, yet with excellent transport links to London Airports, International Railway Stations and Channel Coastal Ports. 


Offering a wide range of subject options at GCSE and A Level (introduced September 2018), allowing us to have the flexibility to tailor programmes of study to cater for individual needs and interests.  We also offer a one-year GCSE/IGCSE course, a Short Stay/Pre-A Level Course and an Intensive English Language Support Programme.


By offering a caring environment and an inclusive spirit, encouraging girls to challenge themselves, and by their taking part in everything Cobham Hall has to offer, students discover more about themselves and leave us fully prepared for the path they have chosen. 

We believe it is the combination of five key reasons – focus on the individual, challenge and opportunities, pastoral care and wellbeing, diversity, and our inspirational setting – that result in each girl excelling academically and achieving more than they themselves believed possible.

​Location:    Cobham 

Age Range of Boarders:   11 - 18 years

No. of Students:   180

No. of Boarders:   65 

 (GCSE) A* - B  

(GCSE) A* - C

(AL) A* - A 

(AL) A* - B   

: N/A

​: N/A

: -%

​: -%