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UK Education System

School term starts from September. Due to intense competition of student quotas, most popular and elite schools will be full by the February or March before school starts. It is recommended for parents to research and start planning for studying in the UK at least 1 year ahead for a wider variety of choices.

Registration will take into account the student’s current school results or open examination results, relevant certificates and awards from extra-curricular activities and competitions. Students will be required to take entrance examinations set by the boarding schools. Test subjects will depend on year level, subject choices and individual school requirements.


Check below for the table showing the applicable age vs. year level of course to be taken in UK:

World Recognised Qualifications

Qualifications obtained are recognised in the UK and EU. Students who have obtained A-level or IB qualifications after Year 12 and 13 can progress to UK Universities with these qualifications. Some choose to progress to institutes in other countries as they are widely accepted worldwide.


Secondary School Types: State Funded vs. Independent Schools


State-funded schools provide secondary education to students free of charge but are not available to overseas students looking to study in UK. International students can apply to independent schools where the quality of education is governed by an elected board of directors and are independent of regulations that apply to state-funded schools. Boarding facilities are provided during the school term and inspections are carried out every few years to ensure all aspects of the students’ boarding school experience is up to standard.