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The Girls’ Schools Association (‘GSA’) represents 150 independent girls’ schools in the United Kingdom, over a third of which are boarding schools. They include large and small schools, urban and rural.

Girls’ Schools Association

Boarding in a GSA school is very much a multi-national experience, with many boarders coming from outside the UK. The overwhelming majority of students board full time, which means they are immersed in a rich, energising environment with plenty of opportunity to make friends and mix with fellow students in the evenings and at weekends as well as during the school day.

There is a high ratio of teachers to pupils in our schools and 96% of GSA students go on to university, which is higher than in the independent school sector as a whole (92%).

Exam results show that girls who attend a GSA school have a better chance of escaping the usual gender stereotypes. They are far more likely to study subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to Advanced Level. Modern Foreign Languages, Art and Drama also flourish in GSA schools.

GSA boarding schools provide plenty of opportunity for students to excel outside the classroom. Multi-talented students blossom, while activities such as public speaking and debating help develop the kind of poise and self-belief that employers value highly.

英國女校聯會 (Girls’ Schools Association) 代表全英國150間女子私立學校,當中超過三份之一是寄宿學校。學校種類繁多,位置遍佈英國每個角落。英國女校聯會的寄宿學校取錄了來至其他不同國家的學生,為入讀的學生帶來前所未有的升學體驗。無論上課或週末,子女入讀我們充滿活力的寄宿學校,都會有很多機會與其他同學相處和接觸,擴闊社交圈子。







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