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About the UK

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom (UK) is located to the north-west of Europe and is formed by England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With an estimated population of 66 Million, it is known internationally for it's influence in terms of culture, science, politics and education. 

Air & Land Transport

The UK has over 40 international and domestic airports.

International airports offer flights from the UK to the rest of the world. Domestic airports allows travel within the UK.


There is an extensive transport network throughout the UK, including national rail, local overground and underground trains, buses and taxis.


Trains: a common means of transport in Britain with a network covering the whole of the UK. Students should check schedules before traveling as there are frequent changes and special arrangements during holidays. Train ticket fares depend on the route, and day and time of travel (off-peak or peak times). Travelers can save with day/week/ monthly passes or concessions.

Underground railway/ tube: one of the world’s oldest transportation systems. London’s tube network is divided into 9 zones and the fare charged is according to the distance traveled. 

Coach: students can travel to other cities with coach services. Many coach companies cover the entire UK. Some schools also provide coach services for students on holidays.


Buses: not the main method of transport in the UK as buses only provide services in local areas. But due to its long history, tourists still love to take a journey on double-decker buses around London and York.

Taxi: the traditional black cab is mainly found in Central London; taxis of other colours may be found in other cities. It is common to call for a taxi service and the fare depends on the distance traveled, as hailing a taxi may be charged by time. So calling a taxi is usually cheaper than black cabs.


Private Car: holders of a Hong Kong driving licence can drive using their licence or an international driving permit for up to 12 months. Once they have been resident in the UK for 6 months, they can apply for a UK provisional license and take the UK driving test.

 Climate and Seasons in UK