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80% of the UK's population resides in England which spans over 130,395 km². It is one of the world's busiest financial hubs. Its major cities include London, Birmingham, Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury, Machester, Oxford, Plymouth and York.

The United Kingdom is an island nation in northwestern Europe and is made up of the Great Britain, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Their population is around 66 million people and one of the largest economies of the world.

Air Transportation

The UK is divided into 4 regions, each with its own international and domestic airports. International airports offer flights to and from the UK and other countries around the world, while domestic airports only handle flights within travelling within the UK borders.

Here are the location and codes of airports around UK.

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The UK has an extensive network of public transport including trains, the underground, bus and taxi services.

The train lines in the UK spans extensively across the country. Before taking the trains, students should make sure to check the schedule as there are often changes especially near the public holidays. Train fares depend on the route, date of travel adn time (on and off-peak times). Passengers can get discounts through buying daily, weekly or monthly passes.

The Underground, also known as the tube, is one of the oldest transportation networks in the world. The London tube is separated into 6 zones for different pricing.

Students can travel to other parts of the country in coaches, most coach services cover regions all over the country. Some schools will even arrange this service for their students for the schools holidays and breaks.

The traditional black taxis run all over London, while taxis of other colours and models can be seen in regions outside of the city. The fare depends on the distance travelled. If you wave a taxi on the street, it usually runs by the meter. Therefore, calling a taxi by phone before travelling is usually cheaper than black taxis.

Students who are 17 or over with a valid drivers license can drive private cars, motorcycle and trucks within 3 to 5 tonnes. The driver must get a UK driver's license within the first 12 months to continue driving in the UK.

Although it is not the most common mode of transportation in the UK due to its restriction in service areas it can cover, the iconic double-decker buses are still very popular amongst tourists.


Underground/ The Tube




Private Cars

UK's Climate and Weather

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