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The Girls' School Association represents over 170 independent girls schools across the UK. GSA schools focus on academic excellence, creativity, independence, balance and the personal development of every girl. 


Boarding in a GSA school is very much a multi-national experience, with many boarders coming from outside the UK. The overwhelming majority of students board full time, which means they are immersed in a rich, energising environment with plenty of opportunity to make friends and mix with fellow students in the evenings and at weekends as well as during the school day.

There is a high ratio of teachers to pupils in GSA schools and 96% of GSA students go on to university, which is higher than in the independent school sector as a whole (92%).

Exam results show that girls who attend a GSA school have a better chance of escaping the usual gender stereotypes. They are far more likely to study subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics to Advanced Level. Modern Foreign Languages, Art and Drama also flourish in GSA schools.

GSA boarding schools provide plenty of opportunity for students to excel outside the classroom. Multi-talented students blossom, while activities such as public speaking and debating help develop the kind of poise and self-belief that employers value highly.

For more detailed information about the GSA, please visit their website

Out of the 170 schools represented by the GSA, around 60 currently offer full boarding. At CIS, we want to find the right school for you, not just academically, but also a perfect fit for your daughter's personality. 

The Benefits of an All-Girls' Education

It has been proven that girls studying at girls' only schools are more likely to do well with difficult subjects. Girls at GSA schools achieve a disproportionately large share of the top grades in Sciences, Maths and Languages.


They are:

- 75% more likely to take Maths A-level 

- 70% more likely to take Chemistry

- two and a half times as likely to take Physics

- over twice as likely to take most languages

Bucking national trends, over 55% of girls at GSA schools take a STEM subject at A-level. Just under two fifths take Maths and just over two fifths take at least one science. In Physics, for example, 13.4% of all entries from girls come from GSA schools, (above the 5.2% baseline), but they are awarded 25.9% of the A*s and 20.5% of the A or A* grades.


A quarter of girls in GSA schools take at least one language A-level and they are twice as likely to take French or Spanish at A level. In French, for example, the percentage of entries from GSA schools is 12.2%, but they are awarded 31.7% of the A* grades and 21.1% of the A or A*s. 


Academic Excellence

  • Half of the Sunday Times top 10 independent schools are GSA schools

  • Six of the top 11 schools for sending students to Russell Group universities are GSA schools

  • Four of the top 11 schools for sending students to Oxbridge are GSA schools 

GSA Specialist - Mrs. Lynne Taylor-Gooby

CIS is very lucky to have Mrs. Lynne Taylor-Gooby working on our behalf in the UK, a previous headmistress at The Royal School, Haslemere for 16 years. She started her first teaching job in a small girls’ school in the west country and has spent a total of 28 years teaching in girl’s schools.  As a mother of 2 sons and 2 daughters, she is keenly aware of the differences in the educational and emotional needs of both girls and boys. Lynne is a specialist in GSA schools and she believes that GSA schools offer the best education for girls to be found anywhere in the world.