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Beware of Tier 4 Visa Scam

The UK Home Office is warning students with a Tier 4 visa to beware of a ‘phone scam that has been reported in other parts of the country.  Students receive a ‘phone call from somebody who claims to be from the Home Office.  The caller asks the student to verify the number the fraudster is calling from – 020 7035 4848 – by checking on the Home Office website.  This number WILL be showing on the student’s mobile ‘phone display. The fraud caller will be in possession of the student’s full name, postcode in the UK and their passport number; they will ask the student to confirm these details.

The caller tell victims that they have not paid for an immigration service and, as a result, have to pay a fine (usually £1200 - £1520) or they will report to the Police or the Home Office who will detain or report them.

If you receive such a call: 


* Do not give the caller any personal information, nor confirm that any information they have is correct Do not make any payment.


*You may wish to take their name and number, and you may wish to tell the caller that you know the call is Fraudulent, and that you will be reporting the call to the police and Home office. Or you may wish to simply hang up. 


*Report the incident to your International Student Adviser in the Office for Global Engagement (Previously known as the international Office), who can report the fraud to the Police and to the Home Office if you wish

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