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English Language School - Course Details


Course Features:

  • 20 hours of General English classes per week

  • Varied social programme: British values such as etiquette and manners, sports, disco, quiz, talent show

  • 3 full-day excursions per 2 weeks to York and London

  • 2-6 weeks with full board accommodation

English Language Centred Experience

Our Intensive English Summer Schools are a chance for pupils to prepare for study in the UK or improve their language skills with academically intensive but fun and interactive lessons in their English, core curriculum and main options choices.

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The Mount School is situated in the beautiful and historic city of York. It is a city with Roman roots, where ancient walls surround contemporary shops and vibrant eateries. Within a 10-minute walk of The Mount, there are museums, shopping centres, theatres, cinemas, sports facilities and a range of restaurants and cafes.

Perfectly placed halfway between London and Edinburgh, you can travel by train from London in 2 hours or to Manchester airport in less than one. 


English Lanugage School

For application and further courses details, please feel free to contact us.




3521 0688

9544 3697

For more details, please visit the official website of The Mount School

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