How to Apply


Firstly, our education consultants will explain to the family the essential information on studying abroad in the UK so that the family has an initial understanding of the procedure. Then, our consultants will make recommendations according to the student's academic performance, interests and requirements for the school.


If the family is interested in applying to the recommended schools, the consultant will forward the student's profile to the school for a preliminary review.


If the school would like to consider the student's application, the student must complete the school's registration form. Some schools require a registration fee before consideration.


Our consultants will arrange for the student to sit the entrance exams and/or interview by the school .


If the student has successfully passed the assessments, the consultant will forward the school offer to the family.


When the family has received the offer, they must respond by the deadline whether they will accept the place or not. If the student decides to accept, the family must pay a deposit to secure the place and the school will provide a confirmation after.


Our consultants can assist with applying for UK student visas, student flight tickets, airport transfer and more if the family requires it. After the student has started their new boarding life in the UK, we will continue to provide follow up services until the student has left the school.

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