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香港辦事處: 灣仔港灣道30號 新鴻基中心21樓2124 室

Address: Room 2124, 21/F, Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

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How to Apply

  1. Provide CIS Education with the student’s school reports and relevant certificates and awards. State any preferences in school choice e.g. girls school, boys school, location, etc.

  2. Attend a discussion with our consultants who will give guidance and institute recommendations according to academic competence, preferences and educational aspirations

  3. Apply to chosen schools by submitting academic results, certificates and relevant documents including registration forms and fees

  4. Arrange school entrance examinations and interviews

  5. Continue to manage applications and contact the school until offer decision has been made by the schools

  6. If there are school offers: accept offer by given deadline and organise deposit payment to reserve the place. If there are no school offers, continue to apply for other boarding schools or alternative routes

  7. Once the applicant accepts an offer within a given period, parent or student will need to pay a deposit to reserve 


     After school offer is confirmed:

  1. If the student needs assistance with visa applications, flight bookings or guardianship company recommendations, CIS can also help with this. During the student’s studies, we will also provide follow up services and can be contacted for further advice.

  2. Enrollment information from the school is usually sent out in June or July which will include information such as term dates, uniform list and medical form etc.