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UK Education System

Each academic year begins in September and the competition is fierce for the limited places in various independent boarding schools across the UK. Many of the top and most popular schools have their places filled by February or March for the coming school year. Therefore, parents are advised to begin preparation for their child's school application at least one whole year prior to school starting to ensure that students have a wider range of choices that are more suitable for them.

To begin the process of seeking a school in UK, students need to provide documents such as school reports, related awards and certificate of acheivements for review. After registration, students will be required to sit the schools' entrance examination and possibly conduct interviews online. For further details on the application process, please visit our How to Apply section.

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Here is a comparison table of the Hong Kong and UK schooling years for the student's age.

UK vs HK education system.png


The academic qualifications gained in UK are recognised in the United Kingdom and other European countries. Students who complete years 12 and 13 will gain A-level and IB credentials which allows them to apply for universities in the UK and is widely recognised by tertiary institutions across the globe.

Types of secondary schools: state schools and independent (fee-paying) schools.


State schools are government-funded schools which offers free education to local UK citizens. Therefore, overseas students are not allowed to apply for state schools but they can study at independent schools. The quality of education in independent schools are managed by a group of elected committees. The curriculum taught is not confined by the restrictions and rules that have been set on state schools.


Independent boarding schools will provide accommodation and supervision throughout the school term. The school facilities are inspected by third-party organisations such as Independent Schools Inspectorate every few years to ensure that educational, boarding care and early years provision are up to standards.

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